The Military Miracle Shovel

The Military Miracle Shovel


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Used By Special Forces Worldwide

What could possibly be miraculous about a shovel? I mean a shovel is just a shovel right?

We were thinking the same thing until we came across this little-known secret tool used by the military.

This my friend, is NOT just a shovel.  It's an entire array of every single tool you would ever need in the outdoors -- forged with technology to fit into the facade of a small foldable shovel.

Check out this video below of real-life footage of the PLA using it in the actual field:

Forged out of a nearly-indestructible metallic alloy with a mind-boggling hardness rating of HRC47-51, this shovel will likely outlive your children.  

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the unique nature of this product being meticulously forged by the actual army for their own soldiers' use, we are only able to secure a relatively small number of these a year.  When we sell out, we will likely be out of stock for a long time. Thank you for your understanding.


Number Of Functions: 18
Folded Length: 15.7" / 40 cm
Unfolded Length: 23" / 58.42 cm
Weight: 3.09 lbs / 1.4 kg
List Of Functions: digging, sawing, chopping, cutting, picking, prying, hammering, bottle opening, can opening , wire cutting, grappling hook, ruler, shoveling, convertible shield, oar, and more

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