Beauty Leg Correction Belt

Beauty Leg Correction Belt


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What you need to have beautiful legs!

Having bow legs can be a major problem for it imbalance your posture and impair the shape of your legs. Correct the shape of your legs as soon as possible by using the Beauty Leg Correction Belt. Specifically made for persons who have O-type and X-type legs, the Beauty Leg Correction Belt should be worn for at least 2 hours a day to provide physical traction, relax tensed ligaments and restore the correct knee position with prolonged use.

You can still do something to have wonderful legs, buy it today!


Three Size: (The girth of thigh, Middle leg, Crus surround.)
L code: 56-69cm, 49-59cm, 41-49cm (Suit to 60kg-80kg people)
M code: 49-59cm, 41-49cm, 37-45cm (Suit to 35kg-60kg people)
S code: 41-49cm, 37-45cm, 33-37cm (Suit to 25kg-35kg people)



Q: This product can correct my O-legs / X-type legs it?
A: This product is currently the treatment of O-type legs and X-type legs the most effective physical therapy products, with the train operating instructions on the use of the product, the better and faster.

Q: How long can effective?
A: According to a person\\\'s age and the severity of O / X-type legs, usually three to six months using visible effect. Age is not small some serious effective faster.

Q: How long do every day?
A: Use more than two hours per day, it can be used at bedtime.

Q: I'm older I can use? Also with the effect?
A: You can use, this is the correct product, 90% of O-legs / X-type legs because people are not deformed bones, but do not pay attention because usually walking posture, such as toe walking or pigeon-toed walk, O - legs / X-type legs, give a simple example, many people are in the habit of walking hunched walk, Is this man is a hump? No, it is because he walking posture bad habits, no heads held high, it would need outside help to correct the same token, O-legs / X-type legs, too, it is correct legs with his best force.



Item Type: Braces & Supports
Effect: Bone Care
Material: Non-Woven
Benefits: Pretty Legs
Color: Black

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