5-Port HDMI Switcher

5-Port HDMI Switcher


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Solves your HDMI Port Problem!

The 5-Port HDMI Switcher is the one who can help you when you run out of HDMI port on your TV, laptop, and any gaming console. With this, you can plug all your five chosen gadgets like laptop, pc, tablet, DLSR, and gaming console straight to your TV simultaneously. It makes your life more relaxing and hassle-free because it has a remote control that grants you on which port you want to use at a distance. If you see a red light on the port 2 that means that you are using that port. With the 5-Port HDMI Switcher, just sit, relax, eat popcorn, drink soda, then watch a movie and play games without coming near your TV.

The solution for the hassle of switching different types of HDMI cable is this 5-Port HDMI Switcher!


Item Type: HDMI Cables
State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
Plug Type: Male and Female
Connector A: HDMI
Connector B: HDMI
Application: Multimedia
Use: Switcher
Shielding: Non-Shielded

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